Violin solutions

Storage has become an issue of the first order for our customers who are always looking for more performance and speed. The Violin solutions can meet customers’ expectations by saving them considerable time.

For example, a night treatment performed for a client with conventional technologies took 4 hours so far. Using Flash memory to perform this operation, the same night treatment is reduced to 12 minutes which allowed the customer to run other processes in parallel.

For what purpose

Ecritel extends its lead over its competitors, and especially offers a true real-time solution to its e-business customers, many of whom are waiting for this type of performance. Indeed, Violin solutions can provide high-speed access to volumes without the customer having to invest in expensive dedicated hardware.

“Today Ecritel is able to address all types of very small volume (temporary tables or index tables, 5 Giga) to very large (1 Tera) which gives us great flexibility during traffic peaks such as the sales.” said Leonel Garcia, R&D manager at Ecritel.

By integrating high-performance Violin solutions, Ecritel is thus positioned at the forefront of data center needs.

Steven Rose, Vice President, EMEA, at Violin Memory, explains:

“Ecritel has an excellent reputation and we are delighted with this partnership. Performance, reliability and return on investment offered by our storage systems based in Flash memory associated with Ecritel’s knowledge of the French market are a very good combination to work together on projects in the long term.”