Ecritel strengthens its international presence

January 2015: After months of preparation, Ecritel is pleased to announce the opening of an office in New York. Located at 1350 Avenue of the Americas, 3 blocks from Central Park, the New York branch is headed by Enrique Ruiz Mateos, General Manager.

Opening a new office in New York

Ecritel, which already had a knot of its backbone in Manhattan and a Datacenter in Weehawken, now opens a subsidiary in order to support its European customers in the United States and to advise on the specifics of this market.

The only French player present on 3 continents

Ecritel is the only French player on three continents, with a network of 10 datacenters in the world and a backbone connecting these centers with fifteen points of interconnection. Its services is mainly for French companies whose IT systems are critical and require a tailor-made solution, and wish to expand internationally.

“With the opening of this new subsidiary, we help in one hand, our European customers to expand their e-commerce sites in the US market in a cloud environment with SLA and consistent working methods, and in the other hand, we directly address US companies seeking a reliable partner to host and manage their sites not only in the US but also in South America, Europe and Asia.”, says Audrey Louail, General Director of Euro Asian Equities, the holding company of Ecritel group.
She adds : “Indeed, our customers benefit from the presence of 24/7 dedicated teams in Datacenters where their services are outsourced, from an availability rate of 99,99%, with a 15 minutes response time guarantee and a 4 hours recovery time guarantee.”

Address and contact

For all your hosting projects in the US, you can now contact our subsidiary in New York:

1350 Avenue of the Americas (55th St & 6th Ave)
Second Floor
New York, NY 10019
+1 855 878 2395

1350 Avenue of the Americas