Network Protection

Active network protection is provided by Arbor Networks. They continuously protect our network with the best security service and anti-DDoS neutralization in the industry.

Ecritel Global Security

  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of all incoming traffic to detect any threats
  • Over-dimensioned network to mitigate the effects of an attack
  • Proactive and transparent service for our customers
  • Our expert Network Security Engineers bring added value to the existing security infrastructure (e.g. our Cisco Firewalls and NetScaler (reverse proxy) Load balancers)


  • Continuity of service and maximum visibility of your websites
  • Increased level of security
  • Significantly reduced outage time in the event of an attack
  • Complete reporting after an attack in order to analyze the threat
  • Protection and Proactive Management of your infrastructure against known and emerging threats

Secure Facilities

  • Redundant Systems: N+1 and N+N for all Critical Systems (e.g. power & cooling systems), Security Equipment...
  • Access Control: Personal badges, Authorization checking...
  • Site Supervision: Video supervision, No Entry Systems, Audio-video alerts, 24/7/365 on-site presence...
  • Fire Detection: Smoke Detection Systems in every rooms, Fire alarms, Fire extinguishers...
  • Electrical Maintenance: Regular Maintenance, Monthly Simulation, Redundant Generators...